Cat Decat Downpipe

Cobra Mercedes AMG A45 S Largebore Downpipe Sport Cat Exhaust ME48 2019 On

Cobra Mercedes AMG A45 S Largebore Downpipe Sport Cat Exhaust ME48 2019 On
Cobra Mercedes AMG A45 S Largebore Downpipe Sport Cat Exhaust ME48 2019 On

Cobra Mercedes AMG A45 S Largebore Downpipe Sport Cat Exhaust ME48 2019 On

Cobra Mercedes AMG A45 S Largebore Downpipe Sport Cat Exhaust ME48 2019 On. Search for your vehicle model on our store to see the full range of parts available.

Price Shown is at least 10% off the RRP. MODEL - AMG A45 S. PART DESCRIPTION - Mercedes-AMG A 45 S Front Downpipe Sports Cat. TAIL PIPE OPTIONS - (some options incur additional cost, these are shown in brackets). If no option is requested, we will send the most suited and popular version for your vehicle, which is usually the tip shown in the main image.

Cobra Sport performance exhausts enhance the sound, looks and quality of your vehicle giving you the ultimate driving experience. Our sports exhausts range is fully guaranteed to give you assurance of our quality. The sports cat option has been designed with a 4.5 in/114.3mm 200 cell high flow sports catalyst, maximising the flow rates and optimising the tuning potential of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S.

IMPORTANT: This exhaust removes the PPF (Petrol Particulate Filter) and will require engine tuning at time of fitment to cancel the EML light. It is yours responsibility to ensure your vehicle adheres to local emissions and sounds laws. All relevant fittings and gaskets are supplied. Please note - Some systems will be made to order, please allow time for your system to be made. Found this system cheaper elsewhere?

Mandrel bends for optimum flow. Remapping is recommended when purchasing / fitting a hi-flow sports cat or decat pipe. Sports cats and decats may cause EML light to illuminate. A remap or lambda cheater may be required to stop EML light coming on when fitting sport cats/decats. Decat pipes are for off road use only and will not pass an MOT emissions test. Sport cat systems will pass an MOT emissions test. How are your exhausts made? All of our exhausts are made from aircraft grade 304 stainless steel and constructed using precision TIG welding with mandrel formed bends in the pipe work for a smoother gas flow.

We pride ourselves in producing high quality products. What sound can I expect from your exhausts? Our exhausts will have a more sporty tone than original equipment exhausts. This is an inevitable result of the less restrictive systems we produce.

However, with careful design and production methods, we aim to keep a subtle sporty tone. If you prefer a loud system, then one of our non-resonated (no centre box) exhaust systems will provide a louder exhaust note.

Many of our products feature a movie of the exhaust and give some idea as to the sound which you can expect. What power gains can I expect to achieve? Of course this varies from engine to engine, our systems are designed and manufactured to maximize gas flow with increased diameter pipe work, free flowing silencers and mandrel bends which provide a much less restrictive exhaust system than original equipment exhausts, resulting in a much better engine response and increased BHP.

Typically you can expect to achieve around a 10% increase from the installation of a cat-back system. Some individual products also show approximate power gains. Is it legal to put a de-cat pipe on my car?

You can only de-cat your car if it was registered prior to 1992, otherwise it will fail the emissions check at your MOT station. Will my car need remapping? If you are fitting a cat back system to your car, this will have no effect on the engine management operations. However, if you are replacing your original system with a de-cat, sports cat or front pipe your car may need remapping as it may cause the vehicles engine management light to activate. What is the difference between resonated and non-resonated systems?

Resonators are box chambers incorporated into the exhaust system, which are used to make the exhaust quieter, by cancelling certain sound frequencies. A non-resonated exhaust system will therefore, give a louder exhaust note and a resonated exhaust system, a quieter exhaust note.

Either option will still provide extra performance. What is a Slash-Cut tailpipe? Slash-cut tailpipes are finished and cut off at a 15 degree angle, and suit certain types of vehicles depending upon the shape of the bumper and overall aesthetics of the vehicle. If you require any advice on which tailpipe would be most appropriate for your car, please give us a call.

What will be the finish of my exhaust? All our exhausts come with highly polished mirror finish tailpipes and rear boxes. All other pipework and gaskets etc, will be a matt polished finish. How do I keep my exhaust looking like new? If you do not clean your exhaust/tailpipe, it will eventually become discoloured and be more difficult to bring back to its original finish. Regular cleaning with a non-abrasive metal polish such as Solvol AutosolĀ® will ensure that your exhaust continues to look as new. As a company we are committed to continuous improvement and investing in new developments, with a keen focus on quality and service our loyal highly trained team are always happy to help. The production facilities at Cobra Sport exhausts enables us to produce exhausts in high volume and having worked with clients such as Subaru UK, Isuzu UK and Ginetta Cars to name but a few.

Here at AmD, we have over 30 years of specialist knowledge when it comes to tuning cars and performance upgrades. We are dedicated car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts.

We, at AmD, are a specialist online retailer, offering performance upgrades from leading manufacturers for most makes and models delivered to your door. Whether you have a classic car, the latest supercar or anything else inbetween, we are here to help get the best from your car, with the best upgrades. Looking for a part or upgrade not listed or you can't find?

Please message us and we will see what we can do. The following area's may incur an additional charge depending on the item i. E size and weight AB10, AB31-AB39, AB40 - AB42, AB43-AB45, AB51-AB56 FK19-FK21, HS1-HS9, IV1-IV28, IV30-IV32, IV36, IV40-IV49, IV51-IV56, IV36 KA27, KA28, KW1-KW3, KW5-KW17, PA20-PA39, PA40-PA49, PA60-PA78, PH1, PH5-PH9, PH10, PH15-PH26, PH30-PH44, PH49-PH50, ZE1-ZE3 Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Highlands, Orkney, Shetland, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man. If there is a delay with your order we will let you know as soon as possible.

Some MIlltek Systems can be 1-4 weeks. We recommend you research this before you place an order. Seen a price cheaper elsewhere or been offered a special price? Terms, Conditions, other friendly things to note, plus the boring stuff.

It just makes it nicer for everyone! While we strive to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and is as great as possible, sometimes things do go wrong, we (ourselves and our suppliers) are all, only a skeleton covered in squishy bits just like you.

If there is ever an issue, we will do our very best to make it right and make it as painless as possible. (manufacturers terms and conditions apply) Special order items and/or made to order items are not always returnable. AmD or our suppliers accepts no responsibility for the use of parts which modify emissions devices on the public highway. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all local laws are adhered to within their home area/country. Under no circumstances do we cover any labour costs or pay compensation for any reason. Get In Touch To Arrange. Business Name: AmD Technik (ecommerce) LTD. Member since: 15 Oct, 2009.
Cobra Mercedes AMG A45 S Largebore Downpipe Sport Cat Exhaust ME48 2019 On